Cherrywood: 6Pack


Cherrywood: 72% Cacao with cherrywood smoked sea salt.

Premium drinking chocolate crafted using organic cacao sourced from Oro Verde farmer owned cooperative in Northern Peru.  6 Single serving packs.

*contains organic dairy


 The Cherrywood Story...

When I first saw the Oregon coast, I was awestruck by the wild beaches of icy waves stretching as far as the horizon northward to what seemed like Alaska.  This was my first experience living in a place where you can't just hop in the car for 45 minutes and be on the other side of the island.  


Cherrywood uses salt harvested from the frozen waters of the Oregon coast.  These salt flakes are smoked over Oregon Cherrywood for a bright woody flavor.  Ocean and fruit trees are two elements which provide for Oregons reputation of natural bounty.  


Dark chocolate and smoked cherrywood salt are the perfect marriage of ingredients, to brighten & amplify the fruity elements in this rich dark drinking chocolate.

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